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MagicJack PLUS (new model)

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If you are interested in staying in touch with your loved ones in the States or Canada more often, and call them more frequently, then this will be the most important easy-to-use gadget you’ll ever get.

No kidding. Even a grandma can use it!

Magicjack allows you make UNLIMITED to call States and Canada (can call landline or cellphone) for only $30 per YEAR.


Benefits of using the magicJack

  • Unlimited Calls to mainland USA and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska
    • Yep, telebabad all you can, and telebabad all you want.
    • Any land line number, any cellphone number, any area code, pwede mo tawagan!
  • Your very own USA Phone Number
    • You can call them, and they can call you as well
    • You’re here in the Philippines, yet it’s as if you’re in the states because they call a local USA number.
  • Voicemail (or answering machine)
    • No more missed calls.
    • No need to turn your computer on all the time.
    • If your computer is off, they can leave a message.
    • And you’ll receive the message in your email.
    • Listen with Windows Media Player. Very convenient!
  • Very cheap calls to all other countries, other than USA and Canada
    • Like calling Hong Kong, China, Singapore, etc.. only $0.02 (2 cents lang!) per minute!  (like 1 peso in philippine currency).
    • you may check the list of rates for other countries, just click here.
  • Very portable
    • Use it anywhere!  As long as you have the computer and an internet connection.
    • Bring it abroad
      • if your hotel room has an internet connection, and you’re bringing your laptop, you can use it there.
    • Bring it to the mall (or use it in the car)
      • if you have a portable internet connection (example: wifi, SmartBro, Globe Tattoo, etc), you can use it there as well.

MagicJack PLUS (new model)
Php 5,000.-

Regular MagicJack (old model)*
Php 3,000.-

* The regular MagicJack (old model) is by order basis, depending on availability.

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